Editorial Guidelines

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Author: Koa Fisher, koa.fisher@crikeycasinos.com

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As the editor-in-chief at CrikeyCasinos.com, I’ve developed a set of editorial guidelines that encapsulate our core values and writing style. Inspired by the acronym C.R.I.K.E.Y, our “Crikey Method” ensures consistency, accuracy, and creativity in our online casino content. Let’s dive into the six principles that make up the Crikey Method:

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Maintain a consistent tone, style, and format across all content.

Our readers have come to expect a certain level of consistency from CrikeyCasinos.com. To meet their expectations, always adhere to our style guide, use the same formatting for headings and subheadings, and maintain a consistent voice throughout your writing.


Conduct thorough research to provide accurate, up-to-date, and reliable information.

Our credibility relies on the quality of our research. Before you begin writing, gather information from trusted sources, verify the facts, and stay current with industry news. This ensures our content is always accurate and relevant to our readers.


Strive to provide valuable information and insights that empower our readers.

Crikey! Our goal is to give our readers the inside scoop on the world of online casinos. Whether you’re writing a online casino review, a strategy guide, or an industry analysis, aim to provide actionable insights that help our readers make informed decisions.

Keen Eye

Pay attention to detail and maintain high-quality standards in grammar, punctuation, and style.

A keen eye for detail is essential for producing top-notch content. Proofread your work for grammar, punctuation, and style errors, and double-check your facts. If something seems off, dig a little deeper until you’re confident in the accuracy of your content.


Craft compelling stories and use a conversational tone to keep readers hooked.

G’day mate! Our readers love a good yarn, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your storytelling. Use a conversational tone, share anecdotes, and ask questions to make your content more relatable and engaging.

Yearning for Improvement

Continuously strive to hone your writing skills and stay ahead of industry trends.

The world of online casinos is ever-evolving, and so should our content. Keep learning and improving your writing skills, stay updated with industry trends, and share your knowledge with the team. Together, we’ll keep CrikeyCasinos.com at the forefront of the online casino world.

By following the Crikey Method, we can ensure that our content is always consistent, well-researched, informative, accurate, engaging, and current. Let’s continue to provide our readers with the best online casino content out there, and remember: have a fair dinkum good time while you’re at it!

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